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Like most graduate students, you've probably learning about IUP and Indiana from afar and contemplating a move here with little to no information about the town is like or useful places that a grad student might need to know. MIGS (Map Icons for Graduate Students) is created by current MA and Ph.D. students for incoming MA and Ph.D. students. Each paddle represents a business in town that has been used by a student. When you click the paddle, you'll find the business address and information about why the user found the place useful and why that person thinks it would be useful for other graduate students to know about.






What business helped you?

Provide the name and street address of the business you found useful.

Describe how the buiness helped you.


Provide information on how this place of business was useful to you. Complete this sentence: "This place was useful to me because..."

Describe how this business could be useful to other graduate students.


Provide why you think this place of business would be useful to other graduate students. Try to think of reasons outside of why you went there. 

MIGS Curator:
Tony Schiera



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Contribute to MIGS


Contribute to MIGS


Each paddle represents an Indiana business visited by a graduate student.
Click a paddle to learn the address and how that business helped the writer and can help you. 
Left click, hold, and move hand to explore the map of Indiana and find helpful services.

Indiana, Pennsylvania




If you are contributing to MIGS, please include in your message:
1) Business name and street address.

    2) Why the place was helpful for you.

    3) Why you think it will be helpful for         others.

If you're ready to contribute, clicke HERE to go to the Contact Form.
Last updated December 7, 2015

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